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Adding Classes

Posted by David Brannan on Mar 23, 2011 at 5:35 PM

We have just added our most requested feature: the ability for teachers to group students into classes.

Basic features:

  • No limit on number of classes by plan type
  • Easily drag and drop multiple students at once
  • Students can belong to more than one class

Here is how it works

Step 1 - Click on the Classes menu item.

If you are the account owner or a teacher with student admin privileges, you will see a new menu item at the top called “Classes”.

Step 2 - Creating an empty class

When you load classes for the first time, you will see an empty table on the top, a place to name your class, and a text area to give it a description. Fill out the available fields and click “Add New Class”.

Step 3 - Activating your class

Once your class is saved it will appear in the top table showing its name, the owner (currently logged-in teacher), description, and if it is active. Go ahead and check the box next to the class and activate it using the button below.

Step 4 - Adding students

When you click on your new class in the top table, all available students will load in the bottom right text area, and a counter will tell you how many students are available.

Note: If students do not appear in this area, you may not have added students to your database, or a student's status may be marked as inactive.

If you click on one class member while holding down the shift key, then click on another student, you will be able to select several students at once. You can also hold your command key (Mac) or control key (PC), and select each student as you click them. Drag and drop students into the box to the left, and a yellow status message will tell you they have been added. To remove students from a class simply reverse the process and drag them back.

Caution: When you deactivate a class, you are not preventing students from using Exam Professor, but merely the class from listing under the teacher enrollment and reports sections.


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