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Adding Retakes

Posted by David Brannan on Mar 23, 2010 at 5:11 PM

Adding individual retakes

When a teacher creates an exam one of the preferences asks how many times the students are allowed to take the test. In the past, a teacher could choose a value that affected all students with no individual preference. While you can still set the take value for all students at once, now it's possible to increase takes for individual students.

If you log-in as teacher admin and visit the enrolment section you’ll see new button called “Add takes”, which increments the “Allowed takes” value for selected student exams.

Preserving report history

Teachers have always had the ability to un-enroll students from an exam, but the process removed all history from reports. We have now altered the un-enroll process so that student reports are retrievable.

If works like this:

  • A student is created, enrolled for an exam, and takes the test.
  • Student's exam is graded and their score shows up in reports for each allowed take.
  • If the teacher un-enrols the student from that exam, they will disappear from enrolment and reports.
  • If the teacher re-enrols them for that same exam, the student's history will re-appear in reports.

All exam history is now preserved for reporting, and all a teacher needs to do to recover scores is enrol the student for that same exam, again.



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