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CSV Imports

Posted by David Brannan on Nov 23, 2011 at 5:45 PM

We want to make using Exam Professor as easy as 1-2-3. Therefore, we built a system that allows you to import students and teachers from any system. To make things easy, we choose the most common and universal format for moving data, the comma-separated values (CSV) format.

What exactly is CSV?

CSV is a simple file format that is widely supported, so it is often used to move tabular data between different computer programs that support compatible CSV formats. For example: a CSV file might be used to transfer information from a database program to a spreadsheet.

How do I import my students?

To import your students into Exam Professor you need to first export them from your database as CSV file format. Once your student data has been exported, you will be able to arrange the columns using a database or spreadsheet program as follows:

Example 1: First name, Last name, Username, Password, Email

Example 2: “First name”, “Last name”, “Username”, “Password”, “Email”

Note: If your system exports with quotes, we can import that, too.

Do you upload the CSV file?

Yes. Once you have your data formatted according to our specifications you simply upload it to our system.

The import supports one student per line.

Exam Professor runs your student data through a few checks.

We check for:

  • duplicate usernames across all accounts (no duplicates allowed).
  • duplicate emails for teachers across all accounts (no duplicates allowed).
  • email address is a valid format.
  • correct number of items in each row.
  • number of students allowed with your plan type.

If the data is missing, or there is some error with the import our error handling will give you a detailed message. We’ve crafted our error messages to specify which lines did not import, and why so you can try again.



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