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New - Transfer Exam Ownership

Posted by David Brannan on Feb 28, 2018 at 1:34 PM

We have rebuilt two sections in the teacher admin interface: teacher and class management. The overall goal was not only to bring us closer to removing all aspects of Adobe Flash from the teacher admin, but to improve student management, including:

  1. Transfer ownership of an exam from one teacher to another.
  2. Copy a class (list of students) from one teacher to another.
  3. You can now see the last time a teacher has logged in.
  4. You can now see when a class was created.
  5. A better CSV import system with detailed feedback for failed imports.
  6. View a list of classes that all teachers have created.
  7. You are now able to delete multiple teachers and classes at once.
  8. You are now able to send email notices to teachers and classes at once.

We hope that you find the section more user friendly and powerful. We are always working to make Exam Professor a better solution for your needs. Our next section to rework will be to integrate enrollment into the exams section and add a new reports section.


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